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Deaf Online _ Announcement _ Regarding Deaf News

Posted by: Boult Wed Sep 7, 2005, 01:17 AM

I have enabled Deaf News to pull feeds from Deaf Today but this time, it will not appear in "View New Posts" results since some of you doesn't want to be overwhelmed by too many topics created by DOL Bot..

So that means if you want to check out the Deaf News then you will have to visit that Forum section to view those new news topics.

I hope it will be make you all happy than before.

I do have plans to add another feeds from other sites beside Deaf Today. I will have to search for the one that has compatible feeds. But when the time comes to DOL being upgraded to 2.1 which will have it's own built in RSS Feed system so the issue of compatibility will be moot. So for now, the compatible ones will be pulled.

News Posts from Deaf Today will start to appear in Deaf News section tomorrow (Thurs, Sept 8th)
It will pull 15 news each day so when you want to read more then click "Read More" under Forum name.

Have a great Fall season!

as of Feb 2006
Well, I re-enabled them to show up in "View New Post" since many of you may not be aware of it and miss a lot.

As for other feeds, some may show up and some may not because of overwhelm factor.

Can someone pm me few deaf sites that has RSS feed feature that I could add here.


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