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Deaf Online _ Announcement _ Changes to Quoting method in DOL and upcoming update.

Posted by: Boult Thu Feb 22, 2007, 04:11 PM

Just a FYI to all of you that I have changed the way how we quote a post.

I have turned off Quote Embedding so that way we don't have to work more to delete some part of quotes and just quote the non-quoted content.

I noticed myself and others have posted with wrong opening tag than it should be.

So I hope this time on will be a better experience in posting and quoting.

As for upcoming update;

Sometime in March, I will be updating this board to latest version which is mostly bug fixes which I would like to do that.

So that means the board will be closed and re-opened because I will have to revert the modification to default and reapply the modification after upgrading.

As you may notice that, I haven't brought back the ads back is because I haven't gotten around to it but will do that after upgrading in March though but it will be different than before.

Have fun!

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